You will need:

  1. A running java servlet container. The following instructions assume Tomcat 4.0.1 running with default configuration.
  2. And of course, compiled copy of soapuddi. You can pick it up from here.

Instructions for installation

  1. Unzip and extract it to a temporary folder. 

  2. Copy soapuddi.war file from here to your <tomcat_home>/webapps directory.

  3. If you plan to use MS-ACCESS
    1. Create and ODBC DSN by the name of uddi and point it to uddi.mdb in your <tomcat_home>
    2. Copy uddi.mdb from here to your <tomcat_home>

    Else you should hack a little of config file that is part of soapuddi.war and edit the URL and DRIVER for the database you are using. You will also need to copy the JDBC drivers to <tomcat_home>/lib. You will also need to create a database in your database server. SQL scripts are provided with the binary package of soapuddi.

To Run